AIDS Vaccine by 2023

Richard Barker : Author
A vaccine against HIV has so far proved elusive. "It is about the trickiest virus of all to try to develop a vaccine for," says Richard Barker.

"It mutates very rapidly, so to have something that hits all forms of the virus is that much more difficult. I think all researchers working in this field know it's about the hardest target they've ever seen. But nobody has said, 'Let's give up,' because it is almost impossible to treat your way out of the Aids epidemic."

A vaccine could be with us soon, despite these difficulties.

"Because of clinical development time," says Barker, "my guess is that we're ten years away."
Marian Salzman thinks it will be "before 2020." But Patrick Dixon is not so optimistic. He reckons that, by 2025, "we'll have the first Aids vaccine that looks like giving some protection against HIV infection but not complete. I don't think we'll see an effective Aids vaccine before 2035."