The world will face the "Islamic bomb" in terms of population growth

Free World Academy : think tank
The world population will increase by 2.5 Billion between 2005 and 2100. On this amount, muslims will bring 1.75 billion ( 70% of the growth of population yet to come ). Muslims represent 24% of world population in 2005 ( One man out of four). This figure will attain 33% in 2050 ( One man out of three ). It could reach 37% in 2100 ( One man out of 2,7). The number of muslims is expected to double in South central Asia and in Western Asia and to rise fourfold in Sub saharan Africa. Some muslim countries will have exponential rates of growth until 2100. Yemen ( 21 million in 2005 ) will have 144 million by 2100! Niger, a poor country ( Today 12 million ) will get 98 million by 2100! (A larger population than Germany or Russia ).

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