Most buildings wiil be energy-neutral in ten to 15 years time

Jim Cramer : Author, television personality
Norman Foster reflects that "architectural tastes will probably be driven by the global ambition to develop a sustainable way of living," although these new buildings will still have to be "a great place to be". The problem is that glass and concrete structures are not that energy-efficient.

Richard Silberglitt imagines new buildings using "third-generation solar collectors, such as the Grätzel cell, the solar cell developed by Michael Grätzel which is based on a nanoparticle of titanium dioxide and a dye that's a solar absorber." These would essentially be flexible solar panels that come in rolls like wallpaper. Fitting them, however, is expensive.

Will Alsop is convinced that eventually governments will intervene to encourage green design, while Jim Cramer sees most buildings as being energy-neutral in ten to 15 years' time.