A new city center will bring together the artistic, literary, and scholarly avant-garde of Russia.

Chto Delat? : Activists
The art collective Chto Delat? (What is to be done?) was founded in St. Petersburg in 2003. It began with an action called "The Foundation of Saint-Petersburg" which took place amidst the 300th anniversary of the city. The participants decided to relocate the city center to the a location at the edge of the city. They walked with signs reading "I am leaving Petersburg" and "Petersburg from scratch!" through the train station, making speeches and distributing leaflets to bystanders. In Leninsky prospect, they approach a bridge to the Turukhtan islands where they were stopped by police. The police called the action an "illegal demonstration" and took them to the police station. This the group took as a sign, and located the new city center in front of the station, believing that the future city center will eventual rise around it.
Chto Delat (What is to be done?) was founded in early 2003 in Petersburg by a workgroup of artists, critics, philosophers, and writers from Petersburg, Moscow, and Nizhny Novgorod with the goal of merging political theory, art, and activism.

"The Foundation of Saint-Petersburg", Chto Delat? 24 May 2003.