Governmental manipulation will incite protest from the people.

Protesters : Civilians
On December 10, 2011, thousands of protesters gathered in Bolotnaya Square in Moscow to protest Vladimir Putin's intention to seek a third presidential term. The event was the largest of its kind since the fall of the Soviet Union. The protesters disputed the results of the legislative elections on December 4, calling for the annulment of the results and an official investigation of voting fraud. The broader message was a rejection of Putin's power and authoritarian consolidation of the government. The protest also predicted a subsequent demonstration on December 24. As protesters left the square, they shouted, "We will come again!"
"The demonstration marked what opposition leaders hope will be a watershed moment, ending years of quiet acceptance of the political consolidation Mr. Putin introduced. The leaders understood that for a moment they, not the Kremlin, were dictating the political agenda, and seemed intent on leveraging it, promising to gather an even larger crowd again on Dec. 24." - Ellen Barry, New York Times,