It will be possible to create Spaceship for reaching another planets

Tsiolkovsky Konstantin : scientist
Journey to the cosmos will be possible. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky proposes a design for a spaceship. The concept of the multistage rocket had been known to firework-makers for at least two centuries. But Tsiolkovsky was the first to analyze it in depth, and he concluded that it was the only feasible way of enabling a spacecraft to escape from the Earth's gravity.
Having solved in principle many of the physical problems of space flight, Tsiolkovsky turned to the biological difficulties. He proposed immersing astronauts in water to reduce the effects of acceleration at takeoff, and cultivating plants onboard spacecraft to recycle oxygen and provide food. He wrote about space suits, zero-g showers, utilizing solar energy, and colonizing the solar system.

book 'Exploration of Space by Means of Reactive Apparatus