People will overcome a fear of new technologies

“The Future of Fear.” When people are afraid of new technology, they’re usually not scared not about the tech. It’s more about our human fears. We’re only going to have more tech, so we need to figure out how to deal with our fear of it. There are four stages people go through when new tech emerges: first, they think it will end the world. Then, they say, “It will corrupt my kids!” Then, acceptance, but with a personal rejection of the tech. Finally, the line is crossed--when someone uses a touch screen or voice control for the first time and it works. Ultimately, my goal is to help people see that tech is not separate from us and that we should be scared: we make it, we control it. We can’t let the future happen to us. We can’t be passive. And I should add: I am a declared optimist. It’s one of the most radical things I’ve done, saying the future is going to be awesome."
BRIAN DAVID JOHNSON is a futurist at tech giant Intel.

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