By the XXI century the population of Russia will be more than 590 million people

Dmitri Mendeleev : inventor, chemist
In 1906, Mendeleev published his work "To the knowledge of Russia", in which on the bascis of the first census in 1897 he made ​​a forecast of the growth of population in Russia.
"The Russian Empire differed large natural increase of the population, even the war had practically no effect on the rate. In every moment of the day or night the total number of births in Russia exceeded the number of dying for 4 people. The annual natural population increase of at least 2 million inhabitants (1.5%). In the European part of Russia to 1.81%
So he counted that in 2000 the population of Russia will be 594,3 million people

Dmitri Mendeleev, K poznaniuy Rossii, 1906,