Demand for water will rise in the future

Eric Platt, Matthew Boesler and Max Nisen : economists
The world's population is growing rapidly. In developed nations, most water demand is derived from non-agricultural sectors. As the global population swells and developing economies urbanize, they too will spur massive water demand for municipal and industrial uses. While much of the earth is covered in water, only 2.5 percent of this is usable fresh water (as opposed to saltwater, which comprises the world's oceans), and only 0.26 percent of that 2.5 percent is easily accessible above ground. These supply and demand factors present a clear challenge to the global water market.
What are the technologies on the forefront of this water revolution? Think desalination—converting our abundant salt-water resources into usable fresh water. Think filtration—converting that fresh water into a liquid safe for drinking and other home use. Companies will also need to meet demand for industrial treatment, automation and irrigation, and valves, pumps, meters, and pipes, among other things. The industry is large and will only grow larger.

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