There will be many false Christs

Jesus Christ : prophet
There would be many false Christs, using Jesus's name and claiming to be him, and many who would say that they follow Christ who would come after his departure to deceive people.
Fulfillment: From the 60s A.D. to present times, there have been many people of varying nationalities who have falsely claimed to be the Messiah or who have falsely claimed that they follow Christ. During the time around 66 A.D. when the Jews revolted against the Romans, there were several men who claimed to be the Messiah that would deliver the Jews from Roman rule. In 1174 A.D. an occultist magician named David Almusser in Persia said he was Christ. In 1199 AD, a Persian named David el David claimed to be Christ. In 1556, David George of the Netherlands said he was the Christ. Then there was Zabathai Tzevi in Smyrna in 1666, Rabbi Mordechni of Germany in 1682, Jim Jones of Indiana in the 1970s, David Koresh in Texas in the 1990s, and Sun Myung Moon in South Korea from the 1960s until the present, all who have claimed to be the Christ. Also other religions and religious movements like the Watchtower Society, Mormonism and others.

Mark 13:6, 21-22, New Testament, the Bible