The future of art will reject commercial aesthetics, it will be in effect 'anti-art'.

John Cage : composer
Yoko Ono : Artist
Joseph Beuys : Artist
June Paik : Artist
"The Fluxus movement originated in New York in the early 1960s with a group of artists and composers centred around John Cage, and developed its ‘anti-art’, anti-commercial aesthetics under the leadership of George Maciunas, first in the US and then in Europe. Fluxus staged a series of festivals in Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and New York, with avant-garde performances often spilling out into the street. Most of the experimental artists of the period, including Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono and Nam June Paik, took part in Fluxus events. The movement, which still continues, played an important role in the opening up of definitions of what art can be."