Outstandingly different will be the motor car of the future

Gregory Benford : science fiction author and astrophysicist
Outstandingly different will be the motor car of the future—a future that is not far distant. It will carry its engine in the rear, where the engine has belonged all along, and will offer entirely new concepts of comfort—“living room luxury”—with new spaciousness, radically changed seating arrangements, complete summer and winter air-conditioning system, and many other innovations
The body of the car of the future, even to its windshields and windows, will be of new synthetic materials, probably some forms of molded plastics. In this car will be found the last word in devices that will make for the safety of driver and passengers—windows and windshields of clear, transparent substances, which neither shatter nor fly under impact and thus do not cut, and which also admit the healthful ultraviolet rays of sunlight and exclude the infrared; airplane-type “crash pads” designed right into the interior to protect occupants from hard bumps in road accidents; a strong, spring-mounted bumper, running entirely around the body; and an integral and pleasing part of the over-all design, capable of absorbing far more of the shattering force of collisions than bumpers do now

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