The US and UK will still be in Iraq in January 2007

Julia Kite :
How can anyone not be constantly thinking about the Iraq situation and how it is going to come back to haunt us here at home forever? Remember back in May 2003 when George Bush declared the war was over? Well, to put this in perspective, I was in my last year of secondary school at the time. I am now looking for employment prospects for when I graduate from university.
"Things were a lot different back in secondary school, when I lived in Chicago and obsessively worried that our Sears Tower - formerly the tallest building in the world - would be the next terrorist target. I acknowledge that terrorism is still a very real threat, but now, in January 2006, I can sleep at night. I attribute this to a healthy diet of cursing out the radio whenever George Bush invokes September 11th to rationalise yet another questionable policy.

I fully expect that the city in which I now live will be hit by terrorism again. When? I have no idea, and quite frankly I don't want to think about it. But for my sake there's no use in losing any more sleep wondering. About Julia Kite
Julia started writing long before she had obsessive-compulsive disorder. She hopes to make a career out of the former while keeping the latter under control. Having grown up in Chicago, she is currently studying at university in New York City"

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