The world's population will not be decimated by an avian influenza outbreak

Julia Kite : blogger
It's taken a lot of nerve for me to actually write that sentence. I don't have access to any top-secret information, nor have the pigeons been telling me anything, but I still feel reasonably sure about this. Several months ago, government and media started scaring us. I reckon that if anything catastrophic was going to happen in the UK, it would have gone beyond one dead parrot in an Essex quarantine centre by now. Wouldn't it?
Of course, I've now gone and scared myself. Knowing my luck, it will happen after all. I do watch the news. A global pandemic. Mass hysteria. I really shouldn't think about this, knowing my propensity to worry about every slightest possibility. So if it turns out I'm wrong, there will be no need to punish me - trust me, I'll be doing that to myself!

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