Cone shaped space suits with air conditioning and large magnet will exist

Chicago Tribune newspaper :
A cone shaped utility pod will be attached to the back of the space suit “Space Coveralls”, for storing various space tools. The suits will be air conditioned as well as heated to protect the explorer from the harsh temperatures of alien worlds. Sun ray protection will become standard, as well as a metallic construction so that out of control drifters could be pulled back to safety with a giant magnet. Finally, a cane will also act as a jet thruster.
With Martian colonies predicted so near in the future, the science community of 1960 needed to develop a space suit that could handle the extreme conditions of outer space exploration. To this end, “Space Coveralls” were theorized to be in development, and several features of the high-tech stellar suit were outlined. Actual space suits ended up turning out much different and today, these suits do not come with a sweet NASA issue jet-cane.

Chicago Tribune newspaper