Universal food synthesizer or food machine will exist

William Hanna : producer, animator
Joseph Barbera : producer, animator
Jetsons’ series predicted that there will be a Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle machine instantly produced reasonably yummy-looking meals at the touch of a few buttons. It's likely that the food will be synthesized out of different elements.
"For one thing, the machine cannot have been materializing food out of thin air- -there has to be some limit even to what people of the future can do. It also could not have had access to thousands of ordinary ingredients, which it mixed and cooked in its microwave-oven-size chamber in less than a second. So we have no choice but to conclude that it must have been measuring out blobs of tasteless but nutritious paste, squirting in chemicals that approximated the flavor and color of the selected food, squeezing the paste into the appropriate shape and texture, and then flash- heating it to get the paste to set"

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