The City of the Sun will be a communist intellectual oligarchy without family institutions

Tommaso Campanella : Philosopher, poet, theologian, astrologer
In the City of the Sun there will be social equality and everyone will have to work 4 hours a day. The main occupations will be agriculture, military, crafts, people change some to find out the best. The State will be governed by spiritual educated aristocracy, so they will take the official and religious positions. Social and political structure - intellectual oligarchy with formal democracy, so "intelligentsia" will reign. The State will control ethics to exterminate selfishness and sins. The institution of family will be eliminated, because it leads to inequality, - men and women will be common, but only supervisors will decide on the match. Platonic love will be allowed, but no sex without supervisors' permission. The role of education and general education will be very important, children primarily will learn from paintings on the walls - encyclopedia of knowledge, from 10 years old they start theoretical and practical learning.

The exact profession will be found with the help of astrology giving the information about person's talents. Supervisors will look for the most harmonious matches as thin-plump, shy-anxious, etc to produce best children. On their leisure time people do exercises or study sciences. ////Most of the predictions haven't come true yet but some were quite close as, i.e. Soviet Union trying to control public ethics and morality.

Campanella, Tommaso, A. M. Elliott, and R. Millner. 1981. The city of the sun. London: Journeyman.