State of Utopia will provide you with goods, labor and humane values

Thomas More : politician, Philosopher, writer, Lawer, public figure
In the State of Utopia there will be no private ownership, labor will be mandatory for all, everyone will work for agriculture for some time, there will be dominance of manual labor, but people won't work more than 6 hours a day, there will be no money and everybody could get goods according to his needs. People can share any religious beliefs, but atheism will be despised. There will be social equality. There will be democracy and everyone will have the right to be chosen to any post, but more educated and knowledgeable (intelligentsia) have the priority - scholars become officials and priests. Everyone shares ideas of humanism. Education is secular and is combines both theory and practice. Citizens will be encouraged to learn on their spare time. But there will be slavery to perform black work - criminals or from other countries. Family and marriage ethics will be the subject of government regulation (premarital; sex, adultery), but divorce, euthanasia and marriage of priests will be easy. People will despise war and violence.

Partially, some things in Utopia were really predicted as, e.g. democracy in later European states and ethics of non-violence after II World War. Some things were true for Soviet Union that tried to build this communistic Utopia, i.e. agricultural and working practice as a part of education, and labor was in favor, and government interfered into private life trying to control morality. But anyway the predictions have never come true in terms of ideally functioning money-free economy and people sharing the knowledge of state laws, ideas of communism and ethics.

More, Thomas, and Paul Turner. 1965. Utopia. London: Penguin Books.