Moscow will be a totalitarian State with KGB-background party in friendship with unreligious Church

Vladimir Voinovich : writer
Moscow will be the State of victorious communism, with the Head of the State - Geniualissimus - and the main political party - The Communist Party of the State Security - in Russian an allusion to KGB. Actually, there will be no real communism, but totalitarian society, social inequality, strict political censorship, poverty, low level of living, even lower than under Soviet Union, people will sell their hair and eat by-products made of berries and grass, poor economic performance, the export of sewage after oil and gas ran out. The Church will become a kid sister of the party with no faith in God but in Geniualissimus.
Even not literally but a lot of predictions from the novel came true under Putin's Russia, like KGB's party, the union between the Party and Church (i.e. Pussy Riot), the quality degradation of economy due to corruption. Voinovich himself tells that he had described a future he never wished to come true, but it is coming and in the most ridiculous things even worse.

Voń≠novich, Vladimir. 1987. Moskva 2042. Ann Arbor: Ardis. (=Moscow 2042)