In communist world there will be a garden city

Jacob Okunev : writer, journalist
In the future communist world the entire surface of the land will be occupied by a solid city. However, this will be a garden city, or even a town forest, where the houses are lost among the greenery and flowers, and trees grow even on rooftops. All the mechanisms and even cars will work from nuclear energy. People will share their thoughts and feelings with the help of special device "ideaograf." Eating will be replaced by adoption of specific nutrient baths and dream will be replaced with a special shower. Each member of the global commune will have many professions and from time to time will change the nature of their work.
He made some comments about utopia as a prediction and that it is not just a prophecy but the reality to come, cause authors study thoroughly the life and trends around seeing the germs of future in the present. And what he saw were the germs of global communist world. Anyway he predicted the urbanization trends - solid urban real around big cities is growing and merging with other cities, also the use of nuclear energy before the inventions on how to deal with it.

Jacob Okunev, Gryaduschiy mir (="The World to come")