Education will be based on experience in communistic society

Alexander Bogdanov : Philosopher, Economist, physician, public figure
In ideal communist society there will be a complete gender equality, absence of ranks, no private ownership, free sexual relationships and etc. There will be special approach for the education of children - they will never start learning form books, but from their own experience, observation of nature and communication with others - books will be only for filling knowledge gaps.
In the novel ideal communist society exists on Mars that is ahead Earth in development. Apart social, political and cultural predictions in the novel that are still unknown, Bogdanov predicted many technological inventions as space travel, nuclear energy, television and also blood transfusion. He died after trying it on himself. "The child draws its information from the observation of nature and the live communication with other people. Before he takes up a book he already made ​​a lot of trips, saw a variety of pictures of nature, knows many species of plants and animals, is familiar with the use of the telescope, microscope, photographs, phonograph, heard the older children, from caregivers and other adult friends a lot of stories about the past and remote. Books should only bind together and strengthen his knowledge to fill the gaps in for the forward study."

Bogdanov, A. 2009. Krasnaia zvezda. Moskva: TERRA--Knizhnyĭ klub. (=novel Red star)