Russia and China will be global powers of utopian technological and ethical world

Vladimir Odoyevskiy : Philosopher, writer, music critic
The Biela's comet will collide with Earth in 4339, so the year before that the world will be preparing for that. In that world world there will be a lot of technological advances such as air and space travel, the telephone, artificially controlled climates and the ability to photocopy. Hallucinogenic and truth drugs, in the forms of gaseous drinks and "magnetic baths" remove hypocrisy from social life. Russia and China will be the centers of global power. The level of, ethics, sympathy and love for humanity will increase so dramatically, that people couldn't look at tragedies and dramas anymore, because they couldn't bear suffering.
A lot of technological inventions were truly predicted in this utopia, including Internet (magnetic telegraphs) and blogs ("home" newspapers)

OdoevskiÄ­, V. F. 1926. 4338-Ä­ god: Peterburgskie pisma. Moskva: "Ogonek". (=novel The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters)