Russia will be enlightened effective police state

Mikhail Shcherbatov : historian, publicist, official
Russia (Ophir land) will be a Utopian ideally functioning Police State with social inequality, where the well-being of citizens is achieved by the most petty government regulations of life, from the activities of the sanitary improvement of streets and homes, and ending with all the most intimate details of private personal life. State will rely on the nobility that will have much power, and the labor of serfs. The State has free and compulsory education, with different school according to ranks, but each provides knowledge about state's laws and regulations.
Consistent ranks and positions there rules, "which dress to wear, what house to have, how much servants to have, how much dishes on the table, what drinks, even the keeping of livestock, firewood and lighting put in the price, given dishes from the treasury according to ranks: one tin, the other - a clay and a first-class silver ... and therefore everyone must live as he ordered " That Utopian state as a prediction doesn't go far from imaginative perspective, because for it was Utopian, ideal, but possible scenario for Russia. The same Russia but much more effective, without vices, political and administrative mistakes. Interesting to compare with Sorokin's dystopia. The prediction is false because even being a kind of police state, but no so strict,, Russia has never been so efficient. Quite the opposite, by destroying social inequality - liberation of serfs, improving education for different ranks, Russia as managed to achieve great political and economic results.

Mikhail Shcherbatov, Journey to the Land of Ophir, novel