History will be the new source of creative political art and education.

Arseny Zhilyaev : Artist
Ilya Budraitskis : historian
The Pedagogical Poem was a proposal for an educational program integrating artistic representation and the history of revolution, at the Museum of Revolution, Presnya, Moscow. The idea was not to train for cultural production, but for "creative co-exploration of the world of history and knowledge."
"In modern society, there is no more of a shared belief in the utopian future of humanity, that you want to bring up a free person. Not convinced that education - is the most important right of every person, and not a service that improves the personal labor market capitalization. There is no understanding of what the story goes on, and it has to do with each. These circumstances force us to accept the challenge of the time and take the risk of creating a new Pedagogical Poem". We do not aim to raise skills to survive in the culture industry, but offer a joint creative research in the history of the world and knowledge."

"Pedagogical Poem", Museum of Revolution, Moscow. 2012.