After the Second World War world will be devided into five parts

Alexander Chayanov : agrarian economist
The idea of ​​military revenge could be etched out of the German soul bt any socialism dogmas, and after the unimportant division of Saar coal basin German unions forced their President Radek to mobilize German metal workers and miners to occupy Saar basin with armed force till the settlement of the issue by Mirsovnarhoz Congress . Europe again splited into the parts. Construction of world unity collapsed, and a new and bloody war started, during which the old man in France Hervé managed to hold a social revolution and establish an oligarchy of responsible Soviet workers. After a six months of bloodshed thanks to American and Scandinavian efforts peace was restored, but at the cost of dividing the world into five closed national economic systems - the German, English and French, Americo-Australian, Japanese - Chinese and Russian. Every isolated system recieved different pieces of territory in all climates, sufficient to complete the construction of the national economic life, and in the future, while maintaining cultural communication, had a very different political and economic life.

"A journey of my brother Alexey in the country of peasant utopia"