Realism will replace futurism

Alexander Chayanov : agrarian economist
"Then, as a reaction, as a sunny day after the storm, admiration of skill put to the forefront ; Bolognians bacame fasionable, primitivists were at once forgotten, and the halls of museums with paintings by Memling, Fra, Botticelli and Cranach barely found their visitors . However, subject to the circle of time and not lowering its height, skiil gradually gained decorative stage and created monumental canvases and frescoes ofthe Varvarinskoye conspiracy era, still life and a blue colore had a violent band in the past era, then the ruler of the world's thoughts became XII century Suzdal murals, and than realism became the leading style with Pieter Bruegel as an idol."

"A journey of my brother Alexey in the country of peasant utopia"