New city will overcome the concept of the individual house

Lissitzky El : Architect
Proposed here is a new type of building comparable to a skyscraper. It is not intended for residential use but rather for the housing of central institutions.
This type of tall building was created by America, thus transforming the European horizontal corridor into a vertical lift shaft, around which are lowered the layers of floors. Growth of this type is completely anarchic, without a care for the city’s organisation as a whole. Its only concern is to flaunt its height and magnificence to its neighbours.
In our reworking of this form we begin from the following preconditions:
1) We consider that the part is subordinated to the whole, and that the city’s organisation defines its buildings characters.
2) We use the term “constructions” and not “houses”, considering that the new city should overcome the concept of the individual house.
3) We consider that, until we discover the means of completely free vertical soaring, it is more convenient for us to move horizontally than vertically.
Therefore if there is no room for a horizontal layout on the ground in the given area, we will raise the desired useful area on struts, and they will serve as a communication node between the horizontal pavements of the street and the horizontal corridors of our construction. The aim: the maximum amount of useful space with the minimum amount of support. Result: A clear division of functions. But is there a real need for building in the air? “Generally speaking”. No. While there is still sufficient space on the ground. But “In this case?”
We live in towns that were born before our time. The tempo and needs of modern life are already too much for them to cope with. We cannot raze them to the ground overnight and start again correctly from a clean slate. It is not immediately possible to alter their structure or form. Moscow’s plant correlates with the concentric medieval formation (similar to those of Paris and Vienna.) Its structure: Centre: The Kremlin. Ring A, Ring B and radial stree

First Skyscraper near Nikitsky City-Gate.