After the asteroid hits, we will build a post-apocalyptic city inside the crater

Xinmin Li : Architect
Lixiang Miao : Architect
Xiaomia Xiao : Architect
Minzhao Guo : Architect
The Crater Scraper project is an imagined solution for the healing of the Earth’s surface as the planet suffers the impact of major asteroid strikes. Asteroid craters could be filled in with built settlements, holding communities of different sizes (depending on the size of the crater).
They envision their "Crater-Scraper" as a grouping of towers built lower than the surrounding surface, each topped by a opening to let sunlight, rain, and air in. Each individual tower would house some community space—a park, a library, a theater, a stadium, a market, a museum—with residences and commercial spaces around the edges of each cylinder. The solid portions of the roof would be used for vegetable gardening.

2013 Skyscraper Competition