Moscow will be green and without advertisment and electrical cables

Aleksei N. Tolstoy : writer
"On April 14th, 2024, I was 126 years old....From the terrace where I stood, there opened in the bluish twilight that part of the city which was once criss-crossed by the dirty alleys of the Tverskaya. Now, descending to the blooming gardens of the Moscow river, at short distances from each other, stood 12-storied, recessed houses of bluish cement and glass. They were surrounded by path-crossed gardens that looked like flowery carpets...
..."The terraces of the houses, recessed and with mirrorlike windows, were covered with plants and flowers. There were no chimneys, no wires above the roofs, no tramcar posts, no kiosks, no vehicles on the broad streets flanked with rich green lawns. The entire nervous system of the city had been buried underground. The used air of the houses was carried by ventilators into subterranean cleansing chambers. Beneath the ground, electric trains rushed with crazy speed, carrying the population of the city at stated hours to faraway factories, business concerns, schools, universities. In the city there were only theaters, circuses, halls for winter sports, stores and clubs--tremendous buildings under glass domes."

"Azure cities"