Magnetism will completely clean society of any hypocrisy and pretence

Vladimir Odoevsky : Philosopher, writer
"This entertainment lasted for about an hour. When people come out of the trance they forget everything they have said, and the secrets they have let out give rise to thousands of intrigues. All this helps to keep social life bubbling, and it gives rise to weddings, romances and probably friendships too. Often people who are hardly acquainted find out about each others’ feelings this way and old friendships are reinforced by the expression of genuine feelings. Sometimes just the men magnetise themselves and the women watch, and sometimes the women sit at the magnetic bath and tell their secrets to men. More than anything else, the spread of magnetism has completely cleaned society of any hypocrisy and pretence. It’s clear that such things are impossible. However, diplomats, because of their official duties, refrain from this amusement. This means that they don’t have much of a role when people entertain guests. In general, people here take a dim view of those who don’t take part in magnetic sessions. They assume that such individuals either have hostile intentions or a tendency towards depravity."

"The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters"|outline