Germany will no longer exist in 4338

Vladimir Odoevsky : Philosopher, writer
Take the word "Germans" as an example. Our scientists have dedicated so much work to it, but they still can’t unearth what its true meaning was. The Physicist had hit one of my sore points. As a student of history it’s easy to wind me up with that sort of criticism. I decided to show off my learning.
– The Germans were a people who lived to the south of ancient Russia," I said. This is already beyond dispute. The Germans were subjugated by the Allemanns, then in the place of the Allemanns the Teutons appeared. The Teutons were then conquered by the Nemtsi, or more correctly, by the Germains, and then the Germains by the Deutsche. This last was a well studied ethnicity with a language that has been partially preserved in some fragments of writing by their poet Geothe…

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