Climate control system will redistribute warm and cold air across the Earth

Vladimir Odoevsky : Philosopher, writer
"I only managed to notice one thing: the aerial roads are kept in excellent repair here. Oh yes, I almost forgot….we did fly to the equator, but just for a short trip to see the start of the heat storage system which runs from here practically all over the northern hemisphere – it’s really amazing. A work of many ages and of superb engineering! Picture it: here there are huge machines collecting warm air into pipes which take it to the main reservoirs. All the heat stores in every city of this great state are connected to the main reservoirs. Then from each heat store part of the warm air is passed to each building and enclosed garden and part of it, to the air travel routes. In this way, in spite of the harsh climate, we barely experienced any cold at all. So the Russians have even been victorious over their hostile weather conditions. They told me that the local society of manufacturers would like to offer our government deliveries of cold air directly to Peking, to freshen the streets. But there isn’t time for that now…"

"The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters"|outline