People will use magnetic telegraph system (Internet) to share everyday personal news

Vladimir Odoevsky : Philosopher, writer
"Today we finally received the personal newspaper of one of the ministers here, which among other things, invited us to a soiree. You ought to know that in many homes people publish their news in this way, especially if they have a wide circle of acquaintances; it replaces ordinary correspondence. In each home there is a majordomo who is responsible for publishing the journal once a week or even daily. It’s very easy to do. When the masters of the house instruct him, he simply makes a note of everything they say and then takes a picture of it and prints enough copies to send out to everyone. The newspaper has the usual details of the health or illness of the masters and other domestic news, then various ideas and commentaries, small inventions and also invitations. If there is an invitation to dinner, it will include a section called "Le Menu". {That’s French}. There is a magnetic telegraph system connecting the houses of people who know each other which allows for unplanned communications. People who live miles apart can use it to speak to each other."
Vladimir Odoevsky predicted social networks and blogs in 1835 year

"The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters"|outline