Political corruption will not be ignored by citizens.

Voina : Artists/Activists
"Above all, the huge d*ck is a caricature of the corrupt totem of power that governs Russia." - Alexey Plutser, Voina member

On June 14, 2010, members of the anti-governmental art group, Voina, painted a huge penis on the Liteiny Bridge in St. Petersburg which was displayed, when the bridge was raised, directly opposite the FSB (formerly KGB) headquarters.
"A street collective of actionist artists who engage in political protest art. Political orientation: anarchist. Enemies: philistines, cops, the regime. Organization type: militant gang, dominated by horizontal ties in everyday life and employing vertical relationships during actions. The group preaches renunciation of money and disregard towards the law (“the no-whoring way”)." -en.free-voina.org