Designers will look to the past to design the future.

Li Edelkoort : Trend Forecaster
In her exhibition 'Post Fossil' in Tokyo, Li Edelkoort, trend-forecaster displayed work of designers which draws on the past to inform the future. The show focused on the return to natural materials and historic practices reinterpreted through contemporary design. According to Edelkoort, who analyzes social and economic behaviors to predict future trends, society is ready to shift away from the last century of conventions and rules in design. "In the aftermath of the worst financial crisis in decades, a period of glamorous and streamlined design for design's sake comes to an end. A new generation of designers and architects retrace their roots, refund their earth and research their history, sometimes going back to the beginning of time."

Li Edelkoort, "Post Fossil," Exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo, 24 April - 27 June, 2010.