Sahara will be irrigated, the territory of Mediterranean see will be drained

Grebnev Grigory : writer
There will be electrification of the Mediterranean countries and Sahara irrigation. The flow in the Strait of Gibraltar will be obstructed by dam. Dam height is five hundred meters above sea level. On the African coast will be constructed hydroelectric power station, and free energy of a hundred and sixty million horsepower humanity daily throws for irrigation Sahara. Mediterranean Sea, devoid of uncontrolled inflow of Atlantic water is lacking, and a Adriatic shallow will pool into a prosperous country that is equal in size to two of Italy. Gallipoli water, water of the Rhone, the Po, Tiber and the Nile, accompanied by a navigation lock, do not flow into the sea shoaled and cascading down like a waterfall. And the fabulous Moroccan energy station joins energy stations Egyptian, Turkish, Italian, French. This energy will enrich the people of three continents.

Novel "Arktaniya"