An oligarchic tyranny will rise in the United States

London Jack : writer
The Oligarchy (or "Iron Heel") will arise in the United States. In Asia, Japan will conquere East Asia and create its own empire, India will gain independence, and Europe will become socialist. Canada, Mexico, and Cuba will form their own Oligarchies and will be aligned with the U.S.
The Oligarchy are the largest monopoly trusts (or robber barons) who manage to squeeze out the middle class by bankrupting most small to mid-sized business as well as reducing all farmers to effective serfdom. This Oligarchy maintains power through a "labor caste" and the Mercenaries. Labor in essential industries like steel and rail are elevated and given decent wages, housing, and education. Indeed, the tragic turn in the novel (and Jack London's core warning to his contemporaries) is the treachery of these favored unions which break with the other unions and side with the Oligarchy. Further, a second, military caste is formed: the Mercenaries. The Mercenaries are officially the army of the US but are in fact in the employ of the Oligarchs.

The Iron Heel is cited by George Orwell's biographer Michael Shelden as having influenced Nineteen Eighty-Four.[3] Orwell himself described London as having made "a very remarkable prophecy of the rise of Fascism", in the book and believed that London's understanding of the primitive had made him a better prophet "than many better-informed and more logical thinkers.

Novel "The Iron Heel"