Television and Internet will extend consciousness of a human

Marshall McLuhan : Philosopher
“The next medium, whatever it is — it may be the extension of consciousness — will include television as its content, not as its environment, and will transform television into an art form. A computer as a research and communication instrument could enhance retrieval, obsolesce mass library organization, retrieve the individual’s encyclopedic function and flip it into a private line to speedily tailored data of a saleable kind.”
Came true:
1974_First consumer computer
1974_First consumer computer
1991_World Wide Web

"We set up a telephone connection between us and the guys at
SRI ...", Kleinrock ... said in an interview: "We typed the L and we
asked on the phone,
"Do you see the L?"
"Yes, we see the L," came the response.
We typed the O, and we asked, "Do you see the O."
"Yes, we see the O."
Then we typed the G, and the system crashed ...
Yet a revolution had begun" ...