Flood will destroy Chicago area

Dorothy Martin :
Advanced beings from the planet Clarion informed “Sister Thedra” through automatic writing that they had been visiting Earth and monitoring fault lines in the planet’s crust. They warned her that a great flood would strike the Chicago area just before dawn on December 24, 1954. The flood would then form an inland sea stretching from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and a subsequent cataclysm would destroy much of the West Coast from Seattle, Washington down to South America. A flying saucer would come to rescue those who were true believers.
Dorothy Martin, “Sister Thedra”, founded the Association of Sananda and Samat Kumara. After the failure of the prediction, she left Chicago after being threatened
with arrest and psychiatric commitment. She later founded the Association of Sananda and Samat Kumara. Under the name Sister Thedra, she continued to practice channeling and to participate in contactee groups until her death in 1992. The Association is active to this day.

“Sister Thedra”